Landscape Alliance Ireland is an informal partnership of individuals, non-governmental organisations, representative organisations and public officials, committed to quality in our shared landscape, present and future and to the view that landscape must be considered in its totality: urban, suburban and rural rather than the present almost universal piecemeal approach.

Objectives include providing a platform for open, broad-based discussion on all dimensions of landscape quality, stimulating and encouraging such discussion and debate and thus ensuring that concerns, problems and solutions relating to landscape management are brought to the notice of those who exercise control over, or are involved in any way, with landscape change.

Landscape Alliance Ireland is committed to the formulation and implementation of landscape policy at local, regional, national, European and international level to facilitate the development of a framework approach within which effective total landscape management can be achieved.

Landscape Alliance Ireland :

  • Organises Landscape Fora offering the most diverse range of presentations on landscape quality available today, and the proceedings of each forum are audio recorded and subsequently published in print and on the world-wide web.
  • Facilitates networking among members and non-members at a National and International level.
  • Prepares submissions at local, regional, national, European and international level on many issues that impact on landscape quality.
  • Engages actively in research into all dimensions of landscape management in Ireland and Europe.

Membership is open to all of those with an interest and/or commitment to sustaining and enhancing the quality of our landscape.

Information on our current activities can be viewed on our notice board. 

Further information on Landscape Alliance Ireland together with memebership details can be obtained from our address.