The Council of Europe - Adopted in Florence , Italy , on 20 October 2000 and in force since the 1st of March 2004, the European Landscape Convention aims to promote the protection, management and planning of European landscapes and to organise European co-operation on landscape issues. It is the first international treaty to be exclusively concerned with the protection, management and enhancement of European landscape.

The Heritage Council - The Heritage Council was established as a statutory body under the Heritage act 1995. Its role is to propose policies and priorities for the identification, protection, preservation and enhancement of the national heritage. National Heritage is defined as including monuments, archaeological objects, heritage objects such as art and industrial works, documents and genealogical records, architectural heritage, flora, fauna, wildlife habitats, landscapes, seascapes, wrecks, geology, heritage gardens, parks and inland waterways.

Cork Environmental Forum is a cross sectoral, umbrella organisation of approximately 650 organisations groups and individuals mostly from the Cork region. 

COFORD, the National Council for Forest Research and Development. COFORD coordinates and funds appropriate and cost-effective research to secure long-term industrial viability and optimise social, environmental and cultural developments associated with forestry.

The Aga Khan Development Network and its agencies actively seek to co-operate with like-mindedinstituions in the design, implmentation and funding of  innovative development projects.

ECOVAST, the European Council for the Village and Small Town, was set up in 1984 to further the well-being of rural communities, and the safeguarding of the rural heritage, throughout Europe

Crann is a non-governemental, non-profit organisation with branches nation-wide.

Over the years, Ireland has been continuously importing tropical hardwoods from third world countries contributing therefore to the causes of famine. In 1986 Crann was set up by Jan Alexander to reverse this trend and to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable home-grown hardwood forestry to meet Irelandís timber needs.

National Landscape Strategy 2015-2025

Irish Landscape Institue

Landscape Observatory of Catalonia