'Irish Landscape Timeline 1963-2022 - Planning & Landscape'
Terry O'Regan

This timeline illustrates how the concept of landscape was integrated into planning and development legislation in Ireland over the period 1963 to date. Links to parallel processes elsewhere in Europe are included.

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'A Guide to Undertaking a Landscape Circle Study in Seven Easy Steps'
Cork, 2008, ISBN: 978 0 9527835 7 2

The guide is an initiative of Landscape Alliance Ireland in support of the implementation of the European Landscape Convention and is also intended as a bottom-up measure to inform the Irish National Landscape Strategy. It will assist individuals, local community groups, tidy towns committees, transition year students, 3rd level students and course lecturers and others wishing to carry out a study of their local landscape. It will also be of assistance to those charged with planning policy and control. The aim of the guide is to equip all citizens with a jargon-free understanding of their landscape and to empower them to engage effectively with and influence developers, officials and experts involved in the processes of change affecting their landscape. Whilst written in an Irish context is equally applicable to all the landscapes of Europe and beyond. The guide, a 64 page paperback, A5 size,in landscape format complete with 98 full colour illustrations is available for sale from Landscape Alliance Ireland, 72 Maple Lawn, Muskerry Estate, Ballincollig, Cork, County Cork City, Ireland P31 VY30 at a cost of €10.00 inclusive of P&P for delivery in the Republic of Ireland, UK and elsewhere in Europe.

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Note; we recommend readers to also read the ‘European Rural Heritage Observation Guide’ CEMAT – available as a free pdf on the Council of Europe website.

'Irish Landscape Forum '95'
ISBN: 0 9527835 0 9

Based on the proceedings of the First National Landscape Forum (June 1995), this 140 page publication, with colour illustrations, contains the nineteen papers presented at the Forum along with additional material relating to several of the papers and includes the discussion document 'The Case for a National Landscape Policy'.

Cost: €20 (plus p&p to addresses outside Ireland).

Described by Michael Viney in the Irish Times as: "...an impressive and lively document with flashes of real radicalism" and by 'Y' in 'In Times Eye' in the Irish Times as: "...a splendid publication... readable as bedamned".

'Irish Landscape Forum - The Second Landfall'
ISBN: 0 9527835 1 7

This 144 page publication, with colour illustrations, is based on the proceedings of the Second National Landscape Forum (May 1996), and contains the thirty-five papers presented at the Forum along with an additional paper on post-war reconstruction in Croatia and the discussion document 'Landscape Policy, The Why, The How, The Who of It!'.

Cost: €20 (plus p&p to addresses outside Ireland)

Writing in the Irish Times, Michael Viney had this to say: "...a fascinating publication... shows how remarkably well this event...has connected with the hearts and minds of people concerned with landscape quality...These different dynamics give an intellectual excitement to the Forum". 'Y' in 'In Times Eye' described it as "simmering with argument".

'Irish Landscape Forum - Through the Eye of the Artist'

ISBN 0 9527835 2 5

This 188 page publication follows in the footsteps of the previous two published proceedings of the National Landscape Forum, with the thirty nine papers presented at the third Landscape Forum (in June 1997). along with supplementary material describing the two exhibitions held at the Forum - the French Landscape Photographic Observatory Exhibition and the Urbicide Sarajevo Exhibition.

Cost €20 (plus p & p to addresses outside Ireland).

Michael Viney's description of this publication in the Irish Times called it "...full of arresting insight and opinion", and of one of the speakers: "...his passion leaps off the page".