Welcome to the web site of Landscape Alliance Ireland

A web site for those who share a belief that societies today must not be solely concerned with economic development and wanton growth, but rather they must strive for a holistic way of life, a way of life that balances all of the different dimensions of life quality in a caring, informed and sensitive manner.

We believe that the landscape way provides a catalyst between artistic, heritage, social, nature, environmental, spiritual and economic concerns. It is rarely necessary to urge society to address economic matters, it is however the other concerns that require our advocacy.

Heritage is not old dust, it is a dynamic concept in a state of continuous action and reaction.

Human heritage is born our of our creativity sparked by adversity or aesthetic need. Our natural heritage is our extended family.

The landscape way is very much an integrated approach to life, comparable to a ‘Russian Doll’ relationship.

Our heritage, natural and human, rests within our landscape and our landscape rests within our environment, all combining to provide a social framework for our existence.

We envelope this complex relationship with our spirituality, our restless search to understand.

If you are interested and concerned with the quality of your landscape, natural and man-made, in its urban, suburban or rural setting, and the threats to same as the result of careless management, or insensitive, uncreative or inappropriate gross development, you will find much to interest, challenge and inspire you on this web site.

Landscape Alliance Ireland is a small non-governmental organisation, born out of the call by its founder, Terry O’Regan, back in 1994 for landscape policy at local, regional, national, European and international level.

The call for a landscape policy attracted people from many backgrounds and disciplines and since 1995, Landscape Alliance Ireland have convened a unique series of National Landscape Fora, providing a platform for a diverse body of people to explore in a very holistic way, the whole question of landscape quality, change in our landscape as the result of development economies and how best to manage that change in the interests of the community.

Our web site will bring the proceedings of the Landscape Fora to the widest possible audience to stimulate further discussion, debate and action.

We have commence the process by making the proceedings of the 1998 National Landscape Forum, which has not been previously published, available on our web site with  instalments being added on a regular basis. We will follow in due course with the 1999 Landscape Forum and the unique ‘Artists and Landscape Project’.

We also intend, at a later date, to feature instalments from the National Landscape Fora proceedings of ’95, ’96, ’97,’01 (already available in book format).

However the next proceedings that are likely to be posted to the website will be the proceedings of the 2003 National Landscape Forum details of which are availalbe on our notice board.

Our Notice-board will bring you up to date news on the activities of Landscape Alliance Ireland, together with news regarding the landscape way in Ireland, Europe and elsewhere.

We also feature a world-wide landscape forum, where we will bring you information on landscape issues from many countries including contributions and exchanges received at our e-mail address from visitors to our web site.

We look forward to hearing from you.


On our contacts page we inlude a list of internet links that may be of interest to you and we would welcome additions to this list suggested by visitors to our site.

The opinions expressed on this web-site are those of the individual contributors. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, Landscape Alliance Ireland cannot accept responsibility for any omissions or errors. Any errors or omissions brought to our attention will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.